First Email from Devin

I’m already behind on keeping Devin’s blog up-to-date!  Ha Ha…But since I am going to be updating it for him I will sometimes put our feelings in here.  This is Devin’s first Email and when I received it I literally jumped for joy!  It was like Christmas morning.

Oct.  21, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m glad everyone is doing great!! I love and miss you guys a lot!  I have connected really well with this missionary named Elder Kidd!!  He actually went to impact training and took the whole course, How cool is that???  so I have spent a lot of time with him today since we were companions at the temple and today is sort of Pday for my district.

Let everyone know I’m so happy they are doing well in sports, tell Dallin that I know it is tough being on bad teams, I’ve had my fair share of disappointing sports teams!  And let Nathan know Great Job!!!  Please update me on the sports scores.  The other elders are requesting scores for NCAA football, NFL, world series, Basketball if it has started, and BYU.  Thanks!

I will pray for Brendon, to be healthy and can run like he knows he can!  Tell Lilly I’m glad she’s not getting married yet. ha ha

In Ghana, you sweat all the time, unless you are in a classroom, chapel, or cafeteria, cause they are only rooms with A/C and you can’t help it.  You just naturally sweat, cause it is so humid and hot all the time.  Even at night, so when you sleep, you don’t use blankets and you try not to sweat too much, but it doesn’t help.  And this is just the dry season…

the food is the same every day.  some sort of porridge, green oranges, bread, and a boiled egg.  Lunch is rice, chicken or fish, chopped salad with mayo, and spicy red sauce and chicken sauce.  Then dinner is the same thing, sometimes with pasta on the side and a fruit.  And then snacks at 9:15 is just fruit, there is white pineapple or papoe (papaya), which is really really good.  but we eat SOOO much rice.  Like I have eaten more rice in the last 5 days than I have in the last two years before my mission.  I am so glad I have brought snacks, the cheese-its and the beef jerky make me feel like I’m home, and the two African elders I room with love the American snacks.  ha ha

Speaking of rooming, my district is incredible!!  There are 8, and my companion Elder Aheebwa is district leader.  Then there is me, and then Elder Hatch From Kennewick, 6’4.  So all the Africans love him because no one is big in Africa, so when they see a huge guy that is white, they all want to take pictures with him.  He is good and has a great testimony.  Elder Nondala: From South AFrica, strong testimony, lifted weights for fun, quiet and funny, great personality, easy to get along with!  Love Him!

Elder Kidd: planning on playing basketball in college, is really good!!! Went to Impact, went without the church for a year, but came back and prepared to serve a mission, missed his family a lot at first but has come to love the studying.  Probably my best friend so far.

Elder Eshun: from Ghana, very strong testimony, tells us about Ghana, says we are funny people, is very humble, and I hope to get to know him better.

Elder Vernon: short Kid with the most focused mind and the biggest faith of us all.  Watch the Best two Years.  He’s like the shorter guy in the movie.  I love him…he is awesome.

Elder Quio (pronounced Quay): don’t know him as well, from Liberia, seems very intelligent but is quieter and reserved-we got him to smile and laugh though!!!

So hmmm.  Today I become extremely grateful for physical activity.   We have only had two days that we have been able to have physical activity, but Monday was very short.  today we played football and it was SO FUN! I missed it so much and I played well!

Also the Temple is beautiful.  the city is busy and dirty and chaotic, but the temple is truly polar opposites, it is a very literal contrast and symbol of the Lord’s house and kingdom compared to the world around.  So the Book of Mormon’s here (the hard cover ones) are only 40 pesewas (cents), which is 20 cents in America, so I bought three to study in and mark with different topics, like read one and only mark things pertaining to the atonement, then take another and do the same thing but with the plan of salvation, and so forth.  It will be very good!

How is Joey?  Tell him I love Ghana and that I have listened to his advice on everything, and that he should of told me how crazy the drivers are!!  The roads are bumpy, if not just dirt, and there are basically no traffic laws.  People swerve off the road to pass, through gas stations and parking lots, go around on dirt roads to get ahead.  They don’t use blinkers, and honk.  A Lot.  lIke if you go 10 seconds without hearing a horn honk, you think that something is wrong because everybody just honks all the time.  And people stand in the middle selling food, water, Dora the explorer books, bread, soda, popoe, and all sorts of other things like magazines and DVD”s.  I am truly surprised they don’t get into more accidents.  They would be really good at rally car racing.

So I just want to bear my testimony to everyone that this is truly the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you All!


Elder Despain


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