November 11, 2013 and November 17, 2013 letters from Devin…all caught up for now!!! :) and We had a little instant email chat on Monday…soooo great!!!!!

Nov 11
Dear family!!

This week has been really good!! So to answer the questions
The floor of the apartment is old tile and cement. the trash run down the gutter, sometimes gets burned, or just blows away I guess
The only thing we have to cook with is a stove with 4 gas burners. No microwave, no oven, and one o the burners is broken. We have a fridge and a freezer, but each missionary in our apartment cooks for themselves, so the fridge isn’t that big and is rather crowded sometimes.
I have lost a little weight, but eat enough to keep energized and healthy. The thing with the food over here is it is super heavy starch, so you have to work out, cause even if you loose weight, you will get kind of a belly. Since my companion is a body builder and we get designated time to work out each morning for thirty minutes, I do a good job at running stairs, doing abs, and doing other bodyweight workouts each morning!! So I am getting strong!! And extra body fat kinda disappears.
That is so funny about the fish head!! I don’t mind fish head anymore. My most recent new thing was cow skin… It is like chewing on a piece of fatty leather with seasoning on it. But it’s actually not to bad. I am so grateful for my strong stomach.
When people ask about the world not being fair, we express the differences between here and America/England. How the people are rich but don’t have God in their lives, because the people in England and America are turning into a secular people. We then express how they face different  challenges. And finally, we teach them the plan of salvation, and that through god, all things will be made equal in the life after this. That lesson is an amazing lesson, the spirit is so strong when we teach people the plan of salvation, because it makes so much sense to them, they understand it no other church teaches it, and I can testify that it truly is God’s plan of Happiness made specifically for us, his children, Because he loves us.
I’m glad to hear everyone else Is doing great!! Tell Brendon to keep working hard!! Let me know how the Boys sports continue to Go, Nice Job to Nathan!!
I’m looking forward to the package!! But I in the next one, Soap, peanut butter, root beer barrels (the little candy) like a lot of those, and fruit leather!! It’s amazing how priorities change out here.
I love you all!! I haven’t played the piano yet, and the Church building is nice but only has an electric piano, but I am thinking of ways to keep myself musically inclined.
Send my love to Everyone!!
Elder Despain
NOVEMBER 17, 2013
 Dear Family and Friends!!

This week has honestly been extremely difficult. But I am learning that the more difficult things are, the greater the reward will be if you accomplish what you are trying to do, and if you continue to just Endure. That has become a key word on the mission, Endure. The more you Endure, the greater the blessings will be, not just for yourself, but more importantly, the people you are serving.
We have 7 people committed to baptism, and 2 more people that had dates but missed church, so their dates will be pushed back two weeks. so 9 People. 2 of those people are getting baptized this weekend, and will be my first two baptisms!! I am so beyond excited. Next week, I will write more about the people getting baptized!
The weather is consistently around 95 or higher. I sweat so much. But it’s ok. I drink plenty of water.
4 elders live in my Apartment, and we all get along great!! I didn’t try any new food this week, just more bonku, hot pepe and fish heads. I have taken pictures when I have time but I am mostly just focussed on working, we aren’t supposed to look like a tourist.
I Almost got hit by a motorcycle this week. 3 times. It’s not really a big deal anymore.
I also took more first bucket shower. And have taken 2 more after that. So it’s not to bad. The pump shuts off al the time so we just use buckets to shower.
Today I cooked a HUGE stew, It will get me through a week or so with rice.
Other than that, the mission is the same!! I can’t believe that I have already been out for ONE MONTH!! It has gone by so fast. Right now, I have 23 months left, but before you know it, I’ll have been out 23 months!!
Last thing. Church services are probably the hardest part of the week. Weird right?? But It’s because it is disappointing when some of your serious investigators tell you they will come to church and then never show up. Plus the people do the lessons and even some of sacrament meeting in Twi. I have picked up a little bit of the Twi, but I will never use it in a lesson. Pres. Judd says, the people speak english, and English is the language of the restoration, so speak english.
Anyways!! I am doing amazing!! It was a hard week but incredibly rewarding!! Pray for the people I’m teaching!! That’s all I ask! I love you all so much!
Elder Despain
I HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING ONLINE AT THE SAME TIME AS DEVIN AND SO WE “CHATTED” VIA EMAIL WHILE HE HAD HIS LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME.  THAT WAS A WONDERFUL “GIFT” TO be able to email back and forth.   I ask him why he felt so discouraged this week.  His response was:  “cause half the time investigators will tell you to come, then they won’t show up.  It was hot and one of our best prospects for baptism wasn’t around all week, even though every single day we would talk to him and he would tell us we could meet.  And then he wouldn’t turn up.  Here you have to really learn patience.  We have literally waited for an hour and a half for some people.  But the lessons make it worth it.  Oh and it rained one day.  And it was just a weird week.  LIke, we would have a really good lesson, followed by waiting for someone, followed by getting some really good contacts, followed by getting into a discussion with a really tough investigator who just really doesn’t want to listen, she was just wanting to teach us why we are wrong.  But the good has and always will outweigh the bad.  I was walking down the street a few nights ago thinking about how hard the week had been.  And I started to cry and then I just smiled.  I’M IN GHANA!  I love the people, I get to experience something almost nobody else does, and I’m on a mission.  I have no reason to be unhappy.  Like, other emotions will come, like sadness and frustration, but I still get to choose how I handle it, and I still get to decide to be happy.  So it’s been a good week.
Next I ask about his hands and if they were healing ok.  It takes him 3 hours each week to wash his clothes by hand.  He has worn sores in his hands and last week cut his finger on a bucket and proceeded to make the two fingers next to that finger bleed from using them.  So he switched hands and rubbed sores into his left hand.  His response to this was:  My hands heal up just enough that I can wash the next week then they bleed again.    He said the African’s have really good calluses on their hands and they are hard workers!  
He told me how he makes his stew!  “We don’t really eat much real meat.  the only meat I have had so far is fish and cow skin…I put eggs in my stew. cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, peppers, pepe, and garden egg with tomato paste and oil and water.  It’s pretty good!  And the fish we buy off the street and HOPE it’s cooked right, it is cooked right 99% of the time.  Actually, it’s sometimes burnt.  I eat lots of Bread too, they call it sugar bread, it is really sweet.  He said they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving there, but Christmas is a huge holiday and they kill lots of animals and have a feast.
I asked him if he is wearing sunscreen…(ok…that is the mom in me!  ha ha) He said NO!  He says he’s got a really good tan on his face, neck and arms.  He sweats all the time, but he is getting used to it.  I told him he needs to throw a set of scriptures to anyone who tries to run him over…his response was ” I will run out of proselyting books if I did that!”  
THEN THAT WAS IT…HE SAID “MOM I HAVE 3 MIN. LEFT !  HE TOLD ME HE LOVED ME AND HE WAS GONE!  I SCREAMED AT MY COMPUTER….NO!  I LOVE my Monday mornings and his emails bring so much joy! It is bitter sweet.  I see so much growth in him in such a short time.  He has 23 months left…I don’t want to waste those months wishing he were home either or I would miss out on my other wonderful kids.  I’m truly grateful for his light and example to me. His acceptance of ALL GOD’S children.    I’m sure he would love a letter from friends and family especially around the holidays.  Love and gratitude to each of you and wishing you the best Thanksgiving Holiday with your loved ones.  

One comment on “November 11, 2013 and November 17, 2013 letters from Devin…all caught up for now!!! :) and We had a little instant email chat on Monday…soooo great!!!!!

  1. Comstock 5 says:

    Sounds like He is learning and growing as much as the people he is serving. That seems to be a way of the Lords….serve others with love and goodness and you will be blessed as well! Prayers for you all as he is away for this season. Blessings and love, the Comstocks!

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