December 1, 2013

Dear Family and Friends!!

So this week was a very successful week as far as teaching and such goes. Lots of good moments. Lots of tough ones. But all our dates fell through because nobody comes to church. It’s the worst. So ya. that’s discouraging but this week me and Elder West are going to figure out if there is something we can do better to get them to church. It’s so discouraging though, cause literally everyone will say “I’ll be there, I’ll be there!!” We’ll even call people an hour before church and they’ll say that they are getting ready, and then they don’t come. I think we will try dropping y to pick them on the way this week.
So I am following what my companion does and wrote down significant events that happened in the last week. So starting with tuesday:
We have district council meeting every tuesday morning. I gave instruction on D&C 4:6. It was super good, at least as far as learning about it for myself. After that, we had lunch and we saw a preacher. Th preachers here get paid to go to peoples houses or shops and preach/pray. But when they do it, they shout almost in anger, like louder than a Kamiakin Basketball game. It put this dark feeling in my heart, it’s so wrong to get paid to shout at people.
Another day (Wednesday) we sat down with a man. he is very involved in his church, but loves to joke and is very good friends with us, and loves hearing about the church. We sat down with him, and it had been a super long day, me and Elder West had both been feeling the stress of knowing that Ashaiman is literally our responsibility and like Jacob 1:19, the people’s blood is on us until we do everything we can do to teach them. So we were feeling this stress when we sat down and the man joked “I have already been bathed, I do not need Bathed Again.” Talking about how he already had the word of god so he did not need more, but he was joking when he said it. Either way, Elder West snapped. He said “then I’m done trying to Bathe you” and walked off. We walked for a good half a while, when we stopped and looked at each other. We weren’t going to go back, because of his attitude and we had other places to go. But i turned to Elder West and said “We need to go back.” I felt it so strong from the Holy Ghost. He said “ok but your talking, cause Im to frustrated to talk to him.” when we went back, the man was SOOOO sorry. because we are truly his friends, and he loves the message. He apologized and we had probably the best lesson we’ve ha with him since we’ve been here. As we left, I told Elder West thank you for letting us go back. He said “I didn’t really have a choice, cause god told us to.” Pretty cool experience.
So there was a crazy drunk man who sniffs tobacco who stands on the street and yells in the morning. If I took a video, it’s so comical you would say we staged it. The main targets of his yelling include himself, the tree he sits under, or random passing goats/chickens. Me and Elder West were laughing so hard.
Saturday it rained SO HARD. Except this time we got  caught in the rain. I might as well have showered in my church clothes. We got to an investigators house and took shelter. But the rain doesn’t cool anything down inside houses, so it was hot, so we tried to turn an old fan on. The thing with the wires here, It’s no guarantee that the have protection on the outside. So i went for the button and accidentally touched the wire. I don’t think being wet helped. I yelped. That is the only word to describe it. Yelped. Elder west busted up laughing, Until he tried to turn the fan on and got shocked too. Then it was my turn to laugh.  It was so great. And the electrical currents here are 220, not 110 which is America.
In church, A lady sang her testimony. That was interesting.
And finally, another man we are teaching makes money in a very interesting way. He acts like a woman on social networking sites, talks to lonely American men, tells them that he loves them (actin like a girl) but that he lives in Ghana, and then gets them to send him money. He makes thousands each month doing that. It’s bad, but it’s SOOO funny. He even has a voice changer on his phone so he can call them and it sounds like a girl.
I saved Thanksgiving for last, cause it was hard. Remember prayer, always. I got out of bed and honestly felt like crap. I cried. I’ll be honest. It sucked Cause I woke up and new that at 6:30, it was still10:30 Wednesday night in Sequim. Pie night. I knew exactly what was going to happen, had the whole schedule back at home figured out, and it was the worst, because I wasn’t a part of it. To make things worse, we had no water and no power. We didn’t have water or power the day before either, which means no fan at night, which means a sweaty pillow in the morning. I honestly just prayed and cried. Than I thought about how it was Thanksgiving and what it really meant. I have so much to be thankful for. I got this really warm peaceful feeling, and I know it was the Holy Ghost. The rest of the day was amazing, cause I just continued to look for things that I could be grateful for. It helps so much. Not to sound like a lecture but people in America have SOOOO much to be grateful for, and most of it for stuff that they don’t realize they should be grateful for. Like clean water. Washing machines. hot shower. Liquid soap. Flush toilets. Grass. A/C. Simple things like that.Anyways. I love you all so much! 
Lots of love
Elder Despain

2 comments on “December 1, 2013

  1. Hey Devin,

    I really enjoy your letters. A mission is such an amazing adventure. So many miracles juxtaposed with so many bizarre and funny things. Very cool. We taught some people from Ghana when I was on my mission in France. Lots of people from Africa, actually; way more than we taught the French, lol. Reading your letters brings back many memories from my own mission. Enjoy–this will bless your life and many lives forever.

  2. Eric Lowe says:

    Man, you are having an amazing experience, Dev… oops, I mean, Elder Despain! It’s great to hear your testimony and to see/feel your growth. Keep it up! Can’t wait for Ben to read this. It will either totally get him excited or scared for his own mission experiences. Love it!!
    – Eric & Tarina

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