February letters

Here are Devin’s last three letters.  We have not received any pictures from him yet.  He has been out 4 1/2 mos.   He said most of the computers in Africa have virus’s on them.  So He is nervous to download pictures.  He also said the computers have missing keys and some keys that work “some times”.  I try to proof his letters a bit.. (but mostly just copy and paste) 🙂 We find it funny though because he would always correct our grammar and how we spelled things.  ha ha

The kids received their first letters from Africa this week from Devin. ….It was like Christmas for them.  We are happy to report that so far all of the packages we have sent have made it to him.  I have 19 empty packages sitting on my desk…Each month we will send him a package and when the stack is gone, Devin will be home!  It takes 3 to 4 weeks for a package to arrive in Ghana.

I will share a quick side note about the family (since this blog is for Devin). Last Monday Lilly brought her CD player downstairs and asked, “Mom, Do you want to feel closer to Devin?”  I answered, “yes”.  She put on a CD of piano music that reminded her of Devin.  We think and pray for him daily.  He is courageous and brave and we are so very proud of him.

FEBRUARY 10, 2014

Dear Family and Friends!!

This week was really good. Last week I talked about how after every great thing there is a fall. Well this week, I would like to share the Opposite. After the most adversity comes the sweetest reward. Me and my companion struggled with the area at the beginning of the week. But through it all we have become super close this week, and worked really hard. We have met a few really cool college students who are intelligent and Elect that we have started teaching, and have a family being prepared for baptism hopefully this weekend.  It’s sad though – my companion is getting moved out of the area tomorrow. So I will have a new companion in an area that I have only spent two and a half weeks in. My new companion is named Elder Udofia from Nigeria. And I hear he is an amazing missionary. but I’m scared to death to take control of an area and at least lead for the first little bit in getting to know and area that I don’t even know that well. So It will be… interesting. I’ll just work hard and I’m sure things will work out. I’ll miss Elder Bagazwaga a lot though. We got really close this last week, and he’s a good friend.
Anyways. Other than that, this week we played basketball as a zone which was sweet. Also another random fact the fruits here are the most amazing thing ever. And I met a white family. That is something that took me by surprise. I hope nobody takes this the wrong way but I have learned how strange white people are. I’ll be walking down the street and the few occasions that I see a white person they just act so… strange. I think it’s just the white people in Ghana that act that certain way. It’s kinda funny.
Well. Lastly just know I love you all. I’m doing well, and ghana is sweet, and I’m working hard.
Keep it cool
Elder Despain
FEBRUARY 17, 2014
Dear Family and Friends

This week was difficult. It was a struggle. I’m learning so much about myself, about life, about people, and about God. It has been a somehow stressful week but things are looking up for next week, we have some amazing people that we are working with and the area has  a ton of potential in the next month or so.
So I got my new companion. Elder Udofia, from Nigeria. Which is sweet cause first of all he cooks Amazing food, he can speak pigeon english which I’m starting to learn from living with 3 Africans, and most of all he is an incredible missionary. Very obedient, really hard working, understanding, loves to have fun and is a great friend. We will do really well together, and the Area will hopefully flourish as we work hard under the direction of the spirit. Last week was definitely a transition week in the Area and this week will be a lot of establishing new roots and seeds in the hearts of the people in our area.
The most incredible thing this week has been the development of some new investigators. There is a ward missionary who is 17 named Eric and comes out with the missionaries almost every single day. He is one of the most incredible young men I have ever met. He is the only member in his family and he was baptized just over a year ago. But he says the missionaries never really taught his family at all, for no real  reason other than they just moved on. So this week we have focused on his family. It has made me realize just how important family is. He loves the fact that I am focused on his family, and I promised him I could with God’s help to help his family come to a Knowledge of the truth. We have met with his younger brother who came to church, his older sister who had a ton of really good questions and before she was afraid of the church, but now has a true desire to learn more, and his father who we are sitting down with to have a lesson tomorrow night. I have such High hopes for this family, cause I know if I was in Eric’s place, I would want the missionaries to focus on my family.
Other than that we continue to focus on some of the students, because they are so well educated but young and have a lot of questions. There is a university (not quite American but still a nice college) in the area and the students stay in like group housing. It’s a cool place an gets me excited for college but more importantly we have some incredible investigators there.
Lastly a couple nice experiences. I had let my clothes soak so I could wash them Tuesday night. And when I walked in to wash, there was a wall gecko in my clean laundry water. It was still so I thought it was dead but lo and behold it started trying to jump at us. Kinda freaked me out. we Killed it and then got new water.
Also there’s a bunch of crazy people around the area. Just o summarize them, one man runs around picking up trash, one woman yells at people and runs around naked, and there are a couple other’s in the other area that sound pretty funny. Ho is an interesting place..
Anyways. This week is looking up!! I hope everything is good back home!! I love you all!
Elder Despain
February 24, 2014
Dear Family and Friends,

I don’t have much time left on the computer so I’ll try to be quick!! This week was absolutely exhausting!! But so rewarding! Me and my companion have really started to get a feel for the area and have worked it hard his week, and have so many amazing investigators. We rode bikes most of the week to see how effective bikes would be in the area. So it was super hot and all my shirts got totally trashed and dirty so I had to bleach them all today.
One of the most incredible experiences this week was having a discussion with a pastor. He knows our message is correct and true but he also knows that if he accepts it, he has to quit his church, and everyone will make him feel ashamed for it. that is one things Ghanaians absolutely hate is to feel bad about something. So he keeps coming up with reasons why it’s wrong. But the most incredible experience was bearing testimony of this truth to him. He was completely silent afterwards. We are going to see him later this week and I’m hoping for another good discussion.
Another man we are teaching was a former investigator that we contacted while going through old files. HE is 63 and his name is Christopher. The thing is with these people is they have really concerns and questions and problems, and helping them thru these things can help not only them, but myself grow SOO much. It’s incredible to see the change in their hearts as understanding and knowledge is given to them through the Holy Ghost. One of the saddest things this week was working with different members of  family who has one member, the rest is nonmembers. The Father is an Alcoholic and is tearing down the Family. However, through small things like family prayer, the family members we are teaching are becoming so close and becoming so much more united. And tonight we are meeting with the father. this family is like my second family in Ghana and I hope so much that this gospel can help them change their lives and become the family that they have the potential to be.
One thing I have picked up because my companion is from Nigeria is Pigeon english. It’s pretty sweet, and the rules of grammar become pretty jumbled, but all the Ghsanaians speak it, even some can speak pigeon but not real english, so it’s been cool. Also I haven’t talked in an American accent for over a month now so I have no Idea what my voice sounds like. An I have the worst tan lines in the world.
All in all I’m doing great.
I know this is God’s work and this is where I’m supposed to be. I love you all so much. Until next week!
Elder Despain