Mother’s Day, May 2014

Dear Family and Friends

Happy one day after Mother’s Day!!!!! I can’t believe that It is 5 months into the new year and I was able to call my family yesterday. One of the most tender mercies is being able to talk to our family. I hope you all love and appreciate your families so much because they are the most special thing you have on this earth. It was proved to me by the opportunity we had to teach a family shortly after I had called home. This family is incredible. A mother, with 4 intelligent kids. As we had the opportunity to talk to them about families and family history work and many other things, I just developed such a deep love for families. So if you can, give you family a hug, because they are the most special thing you have!
Anyways. this week was a normal but super amazing week. This area is still progressing. Yesterday I had the opportunity to have my first baptism in Ho. It was a man named Godwin. A little bio about Godwin:
We met him while walking through a small village just outside the city. He was sitting down in front of a house that was just being finished. He called out to us “my brother’s”. We went over to him and found out he had been taught by missionaries 2 years before but had to quit learning with  the missionaries because his muslim background made it dangerous for him to become christian because his father was so muslim and against christianity. However, he continued to study the book of mormon and the bible and had such a deep love for the book of mormon and for Christ. He told us his father had passed away so there was nothing keeping him from becoming a christian. We read a passage in the bible for brief support and then set up a return appointment. We then had to obtain permission from President Judd to teach him because of the safety issue with the muslim background. In certain instances, if we teach a muslim, it will put them and us at risk and at danger because of the strong dislike that some muslim’s have for christians in this area of the world. However President Judd gave us permission and Godwin assured us that because his father had passed away, there was no danger in him becoming a christian.
So we went on to teach him. And I have never seen somebody face so much oppostion. Christians were telling him that he needs to stay muslim. He quit Smoking and drinking all by himself because he knew it’s what God would want him to do. And despite all the opposition, he continued to come. He developed a love for the teachings and for the Book of Mormon. We spends a lot of time alone just thinking and it makes him sad and miserable, so we gave him the hymns on a cd to listen to and he loved it. And yesterday he was able to be baptized. He had sucha  love for it and is one of the most incredible men I have ever met in my life. Miracles have happened in Godwin’s life and I know without a doubt that miracles are real and that God loves us, his children.
Anyways. Other than that, not many other new things have happened. We are continuing to work and build this area. We are expecting two more baptisms in two weeks, and I’ll send their Bio’s when they are baptized. Also in two weeks is transfers. We have no idea what will happen but we are excited for what the future holds.
Well. Love your family. Love God. Love the World. Have an amazing week!! Love you all
Elder Despain

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