Right before I leave…

This is my only post before I leave! After this, my mom will be posting my emails from each week onto this blog!! This Blog will Also have my email address, letter mailing address, and package mailing address on it. I’m so grateful that I have this opportunity to go and serve the Lord and the People of Ghana for the next two years. I have a testimony of this gospel and testify that Christ is our Savior.Image


3 comments on “Right before I leave…

  1. Rachel Almond says:

    I must be extra emotional or something because this made me cry and you don’t even know me. I’m just so so proud of all these young men and women with strong testimonies and desire to go serve the Lord and share the gospel. It truly is AMAZING! Go get em Devin!! You are going to be an awesome missionary!

  2. Comstock 5 says:

    Wow Devi, so excited for you and all that God is going to do through you. What a blessing you will be as you serve The Lord and the people of Ghana. The Comstock clan will be following you in your blog and of course praying for you! Blessings in your travels and peace to your momma! HUGZ, the Comstock 5!

  3. Ang Nearing says:

    So excited for you – Ghana is a wonderful place with many wonderful people- you will do great!

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